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Meditations on Physics, Metaphysics and Consciousness August 30, 2011

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(Here is another example of what I wrote when I started this blog, that I could end up posting just about anything.) 

There is an answer to the fundamental metaphysical question: Why is there something instead of nothing? 


For a rock, for an isolated hydrogen molecule, there is nothing. When elements combine to form even the rudiments of consciousness, something emerges. “God,” the “God force,” is all-consciousness. Religions are a tool to reach as far as possible into the all-consciousness. But we are limited by our physical presences to small pieces of the all-consciousness. We occupy a small part of the all-consciousness. We have our little “gleam” in a facet of the gem of existence, and existence consists of all time, all space and all dimensions. (Some of the current theories of physics posit ten or more dimensions as an explanation for the nature of physical reality.) Consciousness is our personal lens enabling us to view and experience our part of the all-consciousness space-time gem/mass/conglomeration. It limits us as to how much of the all-consciousness we can perceive. Our senses, our tiny location in the vast space-time gem, create that limitation. But everything exists, always, including aspects of existence outside of the limitations of our own consciousness lenses. Some of those aspects are completely unimaginable to us, the way the sensation of sound would be unimaginable to a conscious creature without the ears to sense the vibrations of sound, or the way the sensation of sight would be unimaginable to a conscious creature unable to sense light reflecting off images. That means we exist always in our piece of the all-consciousness. Our consciousness is like a tiny gleam on the vast gem of all-consciousness.

Time does not separate cause and effect in the all-consciousness. Everything is connected and exists simultaneously. Time’s arrow is a property of the lens of our own consciousness within the all-consciousness. In essence, we experience reality through three dimensions of space, and a fourth dimension of time—a unidirectional time arrow. Individual time arrows overlap and intertwine with all the time arrows for all the consciousnesses within the all-consciousness. Connections can flit about in all sorts of exotic and unusual ways, either discovered or not discovered by our individual lenses. Our lenses very much influence and even create what our consciousness reveals to us from the all-consciousness. What our consciousness lens focuses on shapes our perceptions of reality. This is where recent spiritual concepts such as the “Law of Attraction” fit in. Even the “Big Bang” is a huge time arrow. Everything before and after the “Big Bang” exists always as part of the all-consciousness. If no consciousness evolves, then we have nothing instead of something. But consciousness did evolve—no, “evolve” is a time arrow idea—consciousness existed from the beginning so exists always.

When we tap into the interconnections and expand deeper into the all-consciousness, we move closer to “God,” though with our lens limitations, we can never completely access the entire all-consciousness. This also supports the “more-than-one-Path-to-God” idea. There can be many ways to access the all-consciousness. Assimilation of ideas and methods used by great spiritual sages is a way to connect.

As to the rightness or wrongness of a particular Path to God, the key is love. Not love for a spouse, or a child, or chocolate, or a country or even a religion. It’s an inner feeling that glows from within. It’s a feeling that puts a smile on our faces, that has us greeting every human, every creature, with benevolence. It’s a feeling—not always possible. We fight to maintain our own consciousness within the all-consciousness, to keep our own lens into the all-consciousness aware and alive. Our physical bodies house the lens. So we defend our lives, a precious gift, a gift of a small piece of the all-consciousness. When we feel threatened, we find it hard to find that feeling of love. But we are better off if we can use whatever method or Path to God we develop to access that love. People of all different religious persuasions have found a viable Path to God—of this I have no doubt. Is one path better than another? Of course. The Aztec priest tearing the heart out of a living fellow human as part of his religion could not have been experiencing the warm glow of spiritual love in the midst of such horrendous cruelty. The Christian slaughtering an innocent “infidel” at the time of the “Crusades,” a Muslim blowing up a crowd of innocent people—such a warm spiritual glow would not be possible. The Golden Rule, a universal concept that has emerged in cultures and traditions at many different times and locations on our planet, a concept probably universal to all conscious creatures everywhere, is a good guideline for behavior, and for whether a particular “Path to God,” a particular religion or approach to our lives using the tenets of an organized religion, reaches toward the all-consciousness with the flow and glow of love. Would that Aztec priest want his own heart ripped out of his living body? Would the infidel- slaughtering Christian crusader want to be killed because someone did not like his faith? Would the Muslim terrorist bomber want himself or family members killed by a fanatic trying to pile up bodies to make a twisted religious statement? The Golden Rule guides us to make these judgments. The Path to God can be found with the guidance of great spiritual sages opening doors to the all-consciousness.


I will be writing about this. That is what I do. Right now, the concept is a series of short stories, skipping about on the vast gem of the all-consciousness, lighting up gleams from different times and places, telling interconnected stories exploring these ideas, exploring spirituality and consciousness, and Path to God, at different times and places. To start, I’ll stick with earth, our familiar planet. But my imagination, my own attempt to connect with the all- consciousness from my nearly infinitesimally tiny gleam on the gem, could carry this almost anywhere. Stand by for more details as the project takes shape.

This feels to me, at this point in my time-arrow, for my lens, like another baby step toward unifying physics and metaphysics.


The great spiritual sages, for the most part, were not focused on founding new structures of organized religion. They were focused on the Path to God, on clarifying it, and making it available to wide numbers of human beings—a direct Path to God that does not require intermediaries.


On feeling the glow and flow of spiritual love:

The best way to attain it—focus on helping others, on improving the situations of others.

The way to lose the feeling—focus on the self, on the wants and desires of the self, especially material, transient desires and pleasures.

Song from my website: “Mystic Tide” 

Song from my website” “Trying to Make Sense of the Universe”


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