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Another Creative Eccentric Strikes the Blogosphere! June 4, 2010

Posted by rwf1954 in historical fiction.
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Well, I’ve read up on this, deliberated, cogitated, ruminated, meditated – I’m late to this blogging thing, but I’m pretty sure this is an ideal forum for a creative eccentric like me! I have come to blogging because I have a book coming out – The Swords of Faith – an epic novel about the “Third Crusade,” the clash between the forces commanded by iconic figures of the Middle Ages: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin. Of course, I will do a fair amount of commentary on topics related to my novel. But like most people, I am not just interested in one subject. I have views about our world; two of my essays were recently published in the Opposing Viewpoints series (thank you, editor David Haugen): “Demonizing Islam is Both Wrong and Foolish” and “Exporting Freedom and Democracy—Three Factors Necessary for Success.” (My essays are available at my internet column. Islam: Opposing Viewpoints and American Values: Opposing Viewpoints are available at Amazon.) I am also a musician/composer with upcoming performances. So my readers should expect all kinds of digressions, everything from some musical musings to an off-the-wall comment about the world. There might be a guest blog or two, from assorted kindred spirits, and from Magic the Cat (if I can convince him to contribute… I mean, he is a cat…). I’ll post from two to four times a week. My main challenge will be to keep the posts down to blog-size digestible morsels. Many of my historical fiction writing peers use their blogs for long elucidations on historical subjects. I will not be doing that here. If I want to write a longer piece about history, or anything, I will post it at my internet column. Here, I’ll try to keep it well short of an essay, but more substantial than a twitter, or a tweat – whatever that is.

Coming up in my next post? My comments on a novel coming out at about the same time as The Swords of Faith, addressing the same subject…


American Values (Opposing Viewpoints)

American Values (Opposing Viewpoints)

Islam (Opposing Viewpoints)


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“Another Creative Eccentric Strikes the Blogosphere!

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