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Personal Notes About the New Year January 7, 2011

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So 2011 is here. It seems not too long ago that 2010 started. But when I look back, a lot happened in 2010! So it’s been awhile after all:

  • My novel, The Swords of Faith, was released by Strider Nolan Media in July.
  • Dying to Heal, a novel co-written with chiropractor Alan Fluger, is with the printer and will be available early this year (after much work completed during 2010).
  • I performed music again for the first time in many years. I was stopped short of pursuing this further because of a severe case of laryngitis. But my most recent visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor confirmed my impression that I have largely recovered. Both sides of my vocal cords are vibrating together again. Though the left side is still weak, the worst appears to be over.
  • I finished the initial draft of The Sultan and the Khan, the sequel to The Swords of Faith.
  • I started this blog…
  • On a sadder note, 2010 was my first complete year without my mother. I know she would have enjoyed a lot of this, especially The Swords of Faith. I miss her—she is missed by many. 

In 2011:

  • There will be continuing publicity for The Swords of Faith this year, including the continuing series of 820th anniversary dates from the third crusade. Richard the Lionheart will arrive at the eastern Mediterranean coast, and the head-to-head action of the confrontation between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin will enter its main phase.  (And yes, the blog will continue to offer book commentaries, and more eccentric posts like guest posts from my cats and comments about the poetry of Jimi Hendrix.)
  • After polishing The Sultan and the Khan, I will work on firming up a publishing home for the book. Stay with me for developments.
  • I do expect full togetherness/vibration from my vocal cords, and singing performances next year. I have seven sets of songs ready to go, whenever my voice allows. Stay with me on that as well—I’ll offer updates at my website.
  • Look for a Christmas set, and a Christmas CD, as time and opportunity allow. Four original Christmas songs will be part of this effort.
  • I will be helping the efforts of the Historical Novel Society to set up local chapters. My territory? Southern California. And speaking of the Historical Novel Society, there is a convention in Southern California in June that I will be attending.

So I am excited about this year, about what I have to offer. The idea is to bring enjoyable, thought-provoking entertainment to a wide audience. Drop me a comment, or an email.


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