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Guest Blog: Magic the Cat Chimes In August 18, 2010

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My name is Magic the Cat. I am guest-blogging on Richard Warren Field’s blog today. He wants me to make sure you know he is the guy who wrote The Swords of Faith, just released a few weeks ago, about Richard the Lionheart and Saladin clashing during the Third Crusade. Yippee. Whoop-de-do. Read about it in his other posts, please. I’m not his publicist.

What else? Oh, and he wants to make sure people know he has been blogging about something called “The Pillars of the Earth” that comes on in that box the humans are always watching that he calls a television. You know—it has little bitty people trapped inside doing all kinds of strange, noisy things. I’ve seen cats in that box a few times, meowing and looking nausea-inducing cute—they better not try to put me in there!


This picture makes me look scrunched up. Hey Richard! Get a better picture of me!

To be honest, I don’t really like Richard very much. I share a home with him, with three other cats, and three other humans. I much prefer Carrie, Richard’s wife. I like to curl up with her, and when it’s really cold, go under the covers with her. That’s when Richard is really obnoxious—because he’s there. Why can’t he be somewhere else?

I’m a black cat. Totally black except for just a little around my eyes. But I reject the prejudices often associated with my type. I am not unlucky. My name is Magic, and I believe I probably am.

The other two humans are the children of Rick and Carrie. One is a grown girl named Michelle who calls me “Monkey.” That’s okay. I like her. The other child is a nearly grown guy named Ryan. He likes to grab me and cuddle me in sometimes awkward positions. He’s a pretty strong guy, and he means no harm, so I deal with it. That is, I deal with it unless Richard comes along. Richard thinks he’s going to pet me. Not if I can help it!

The other cats in my world are two old lady cats, Marie and Nala, and a fluffy gray cat named Diva who came to this place with me about a year ago when we were kitties. They say she’s my sister, but let’s be serious here. She’s small and fluffy, and I’m big and straight-haired. The old lady cat Marie hates me. She hisses at me when I try to cozy up to her or play. She likes Richard. That figures.

Richard’s going to ask me to do more of these blog entries. My life can be a little crazy. Like the time I went to a place they call the vet and came home with parts missing. That was a tough day. And then there’s all the drama trying to deal with the old lady cats. I will also comment on Richard calling me “Genghis Cat.” And about the day I chased a dragonfly. I have stories. Richard says I should tell them here. But maybe I should have my own blog. It’s bad enough I share Carrie with Richard. Why should I share a blog with him?

Magic the Cat

Great. Now I look like a psycho sitting on a toilet!


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