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Celebrating the Not-End of the World December 22, 2012

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Hello? Anybody there? Did the world… really end? 


So, we can place this latest end-of-the-world nonsense behind us. That’s okay, you dreamers of the end-of-the-world will get new dire predictions soon. There is always a new doomsday theory. But for now, let’s celebrate. And I thank you doomsday predictors for another opportunity to celebrate the not-end-of-the-world. My family and I will be at Kravings in Tarzana for some great grilled meats and gourmet buffet. As it turns out, dire consequences of planetary/solar system alignment, or magnetic shift, or predictions of a long-gone civilization, simply did not happen (as any logical evaluation of the available evidence indicated). Someday, the world will end. That is the nature of the human perception of time. Some day, the doomsday mongers will be correct. Keep putting it out there—you’ll hit it eventually. But not today! By the way, the human sensation of time’s arrow may not be ultimate reality’s final verdict on this. But… no heavy metaphysics here today. (If you really want that, you can go to these previous posts: Meditations on Physics, Metaphysics and ConsciousnessMeditations on Physics, Metaphysics and Consciousness II) For now, thanks to the doomsday mongers for giving us a reason to smile!

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