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Issa Music is Coming September 21, 2011

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Over the past five years, I have rediscovered my music creative side, once very active, dormant for a little over a decade. My first offering to the public will be some recordings I made back between 1988 in 1990. The idea of these recordings is East-meets-West, mystic jazz, inspired by the Saint Issa legend. (This legend offers the idea that Jesus may have gone to India and Tibet during his late adolescence and young adult years to learn Buddhist and Hindu spiritual traditions.) Elements of the music will seem familiar, but the overall combined effect should strike listeners as unique. It may take some getting used to. Here’s a link to some clips so listeners can decide if they will be interested in picking up a CD when the Issa Music CDs become available, within the next two months.

The music was originally recorded on one of the earlier music recording/writing softwares, MESA, by Roland. Tracks were recorded on the computer, then mixed to analog tape. I recently had these recordings converted to digital recordings by Pro West, now in Encino.  They did a great job, allowing me to feel comfortable putting these out to the public.

I have not come close to exhausting the creative possibilities for Issa Music. New technology, new sounds, more development of nearly limitless possibilities will lead to new recordings in the future. This Issa Music CD will be the first of what I expect will be more music along same lines.

Some links:

The story behind Issa Music.

Probable liner notes for the Issa Music CD.

Richard Warren Field music page.


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