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“Third Crusade” 820th Anniversary Series: Fighting Intensifies at Acre May 30, 2011

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(This post is the 23rd of what will be approximately 70 posts following 820th anniversary highlights of what history now calls the “Third Crusade.” My novel, The Swords of Faith, tells the story of this legendary clash between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin.) 


Saladin needed some help. Philip II of France had already arrived at Acre with more men, more siege engines, giving his western Christian opponents the resources to mount more attacks against Saladin’s forces in and around Acre. Richard the Lionheart was on the way. Taqi al-Din, Saladin’s talented and effective nephew, had left Saladin’s camp earlier in the year on March 5th, against Saladin’s wishes, to establish himself in territories granted to him in the northeast area of Saladin’s empire. Taqi al-Din had grown weary of sacrificing his own ambitions to continue the seemingly never-ending Holy War against western Christian invaders. And his sentiment was shared by many. The Caliph of Baghdad, to Saladin’s surprise and dismay, seemed lukewarm to his efforts to capitalize on his victories in 1187, and to his defense against the western Christian counterattack. Saladin had put out a call for help, and some help was coming, though not enough to match the forces arriving from the West.

820 years ago today, attacks against Muslim positions at Acre intensified. Saladin was required to manage a fourteen mile front for the next week to resist the attacks. He could hope God would intervene on his behalf again, as he believed had occurred when German Emperor Frederick Barbarossa had drowned in May of 1190, causing his massive torrent of troops to shrink to a trickle. And Richard’s problems getting across the Mediterranean Sea were certainly reported to Saladin. But Richard was likely to arrive, and soon. Adjustments would need to be made.

Previous 820th Anniversary Posts:

July 4th – The 820th Anniversary of the Launch of the “Third Crusade”

October 4th – Richard the Lionheart Sacks Messina

November 3rd – Queen Sibylla Dies

November 11th – Richard the Lionheart Signs a Treaty with King Tancred of Sicily

November 15th – Queen Isabella’s Marriage to Humphrey of Toron is Annulled

November 19th – Archbishop of Canterbury Dies

November 24th – Conrad of Montferrat Marries Queen Isabella

December 25th – Richard the Lionheart Feasts at Christmas

December 31st – Shipwreck at Acre; Muslim Defenders Lose Resupply

January 5th – A Wall Comes Down, Presenting an Opportunity

January 20th – Frederick of Swabia Dies; Leopold of Austria Becomes Top-Ranked German Royalty at Acre

February 2nd – A Playful “Joust” Gets Out of Hand in Sicily

February 13th – Saladin’s Forces Relieve the Garrison at Acre

March 3rd – Richard the Lionheart Settles the Alice Marriage Controversy—Sort Of

March 30th – Philip II Leaves Sicily; Berengeria Arrives

April 10th – Richard the Lionheart Leaves Sicily for “Outremer”

April 20th – Philip II of France Lands at Acre

April 22nd – Richard the Lionheart Lands at Rhodes After His Fleet Scatters

May 1st – Richard the Lionheart Leaves Rhodes to Rescue His Sister and Fiancée

May 8th – Richard the Lionheart and His Troops Storm Limassol

May 11th – Crusaders Opposed to Conrad Visit Richard the Lionheart on Cyprus

May 12th – Richard the Lionheart Marries Princess Berengeria

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